Our #1 selling model, the Arch Sport Tower, has everything one could want in a boat, from its solid construction to the sleek modern design, this boat is the total package. Sitting on the same all welded frame that is standard on all of our models, along with our 2" round tube railing system and modern acrylic paneling, this boat is sure to turn heads.

Available in 23', 26', and 30' models, the Arch Sport Tower has a size to fit everyone's needs. This boat is loaded down with the latest in LED lighting and one of the best sound systems in the marine industry.

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30' Paradise Arch Sport Tower


Some say Paradise is a cool breeze on a sunny day with plenty of shade. How could anyone disagree with this daydream?

This 30' model can turn that daydream into reality. 

The spaciousness of a 28' deck allows plenty of room for a crowd or tons of water toys on the deck. Pull back the tops, grab your sunglasses and suntan lotion, and then put this boat into motion. Don't forget to hold your hat!

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 4.11.54 PM.png

26' Paradise Arch Sport Tower


Paradise with a twist of exhilaration! 


If your rush comes from catching some serious air on a wake board or watching your six-year old get up on skis for the very first time, then this model will satisfy your family's need for speed and exhiliration. This 26' foot long pontoon enables you to share paradise with your favorite first mate!

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23' Paradise Arch Sport Tower


Paradise is found in many forms! 


Say Aloha to your own paradise island. For all-around watercraft, this pontoon provides the best bargain. She is a 23-foot pontoon that holds a dozen people and comes with all the amenities at a great price point! It features our 26"diameter, .100 gauge pontoons and outclasses the competition. Relax, you're in paradise.

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